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Policies & Procedures

  • The term Quad Cities shall be defined to include the geographic area of Scott County, Iowa and Rock Island County, Illinois.
  • The Mission, Vision and Values Statements shall be the guiding criteria for evaluating each grant application.
  • Only complete grant applications submitted prior to the annual submittal deadline of September 1 of each year will be placed on the agenda of that meeting for action. A unanimous vote of all trustees present is required to add a grant application received after the submittal deadline.
  • Schedule for review and approval of grant applications:
    • September 1. Submittal deadline for grant applications
    • September 15. Transmit all grant application submittals to the trustees.
    • October 7. Prepare final annual meeting agenda and transmit to all trustees
    • Fourth week in October is the target for the Annual Meeting.
  • The trustees, by majority vote, may schedule additional meetings to consider grant applications submitted under unusual circumstances; however, the minimum review time for any application shall be sixty days from submittal date to trustee action.
  • An organization that is denied funding after review and action by the trustees may not submit another grant application until the next application cycle.
  • In order to promote opportunity for new grant applications to receive operational funding grants, an organization may not apply for a grant beyond three consecutive years. After a hiatus of one application cycle, an organization may reapply.